Events Around Portland

August 24,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Events Around Portland

Portland Neighborhoods With Great Running Trails

Although Portland is home to a large population of outdoorsy folks, Portland neighborhoods in and around the city center are not terribly accommodating when it comes to running trails. While the city offers up stellar mass transit and bike-friendly throughways, … Read More

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PDX Urban Wine Tour March 5,2014 | By Paul Johnson | Events Around Portland

PDX Urban Wine Tour – March 22nd 2014

PDX Urban Wine Tour Highlighting events in Portland is hard to do because there are so many good ones out there. I think it would take a full time writer just to keep up with them all. Unfortunately we have … Read More

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September 26,2013 | By Paul Johnson | Events Around Portland,Modern Homes

Mid Century Modern Home Tour Portland Oregon

Every year the people at the Mid-Century Modern League of Portland put on a wonderful tour of homes that pay homage to my favorite style of architecture.  The clean lines and forward thinking design is truly remarkable.   A Mid … Read More

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