Living Urban March 12,2018 | By Paul Johnson | Living Urban

3 Ways You Can Experience Urban Living

Urban living, despite its name, is a lot more complex than just living in a city. It encompasses an entire lifestyle, in addition to where you choose to plant your roots. So you could live in a city or even … Read More

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Modern Realtor February 20,2018 | By Paul Johnson | Uncategorized

Why You Need a Realtor Who Has an Eye for Modern Design

What do you look for when searching to buy your new home? Open spaces, a flexible floorplan for a growing family or comfortable outdoor space? All of that, and more? Modern home design is a unique blend of these desirable … Read More

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Portland Kitchen Trends October 26,2017 | By Paul Johnson | Living Urban

How to Give Your Portland Kitchen a Refresh

Portland neighborhoods old and new feature a wide variety of architectural styles. Yet, unless you build from scratch, chances are you’re not going to get everything you want right off the bat. Maybe your kitchen leaves a lot to be … Read More

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Mid-Century Modern Homes In Portland September 21,2017 | By Paul Johnson | Living Urban

The Best Neighborhoods to Find Mid-Century Modern Homes in Portland

Are you searching for a home with history and character? Portland, the largest city in Oregon, is known for its creativity and individuality. Here, you will find suburban and urban lifestyles, entertainment for the whole family, scenery for the nature … Read More

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Portland Schools August 16,2017 | By Paul Johnson | Living Urban

The Best Online Tools to Help You Evaluate Portland Schools

Maybe you are in the market for new Portland home. In that case, you may want to move into a desirable school district. Perhaps, you’re already settled and you want to compare schools in and around your area. You might … Read More

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June 14,2017 | By Paul Johnson | Buyer Tips

How to Buy a Home in Your Twenties

Portland modern homes may cost a pretty penny these days with supply and demand so tilted. However, that doesn’t mean young adults looking to invest in real estate are automatically priced out of the market. There are so many areas … Read More

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Passive house May 18,2017 | By Paul Johnson | Living Urban

Passive Homes of Portland

Anyone familiar with the lush city of Portland knows that the community loves to keep it green. Outdoorsy residents of Portland neighborhoods keen on parks and green spaces. Therefore, the city has taken steps to cut down on carbon emissions. … Read More

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New Construction in Portland May 10,2017 | By Paul Johnson | Buyer Tips

Buying New Construction in Portland: 5 Things You Should Know

You have started perusing up-and-coming Portland neighborhoods in search of a home. There is a lot of new construction going on. Thus, it’s only natural that you’d be interested in being the first owner of a new structure. Before you … Read More

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